Observe, don't judge.

We are quick to judge, it comes natural to the human nature. But the better we are able to not categorize things and people as either good or bad, and rather just see them for what they are, the more we can observe the true nature of reality.


Don't get emotionally attached.

It's hard to change one's opinion, especially if it has long held true. It's very easy to get emotionally attached to certain concepts and insist on them even in the face of counterevidence. But the quicker we are able to change our perspective on something, the faster we can adapt to new situations.


Be true to yourself.

I believe the thing that makes some people radiate with charisma is them being true to themselves. They know excactly what they want and how to get it. They don't care about what the mainstream tells them what they should want. And most of all, they stopped giving a shit about what other people think about them.

Now, there are only two more steps...


Set a big goal.


Just start.